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SYMA S108G 3 CH Infrared Mini RC Marine Cobra Helicopter

The Syma S108G 3 CH RC Marine Cobra Helicopters is the newest in the series of Mini Radio Controlled Helicopters developed and produced by the Syma Toy Company. It is an exceptional machine and incorporates many great features thanks to the outstanding research, engineering and production capabilities of the company.

This helicopter looks true to life. It has the typical shape of a real life Cobra Helicopter used by the Marines and has the lettering “Marines” and “Force” embossed on the fuselage. It comes in various colors and is delivered completely assembled. One nice feature is the strobe light which makes flying in a darkened room awesome.

The shipping box contains: the fully assembled helicopter; remote control, USB charging cable, an extra tail blade and users’ manual. The 6 AA batteries needed are not included.

S108G Specifications:

Body: Plastic
Colors: Various
Co-Axial Sculls
Built in Gyro
Feature: Up/down, left/ right, forward/backward
Battery: 3.7V 150Mah Li-poly
Charging time: About 35-45 minutes  
Flying time: About 6--8 minutes
Controlling distance: About 10M (30ft)
Battery for controller: 6"AA"batteries
Frequency: A/B channel selector
Test reports:  CE ROHS FCC ASTM

Flying this Cobra:

Flying this model is almost intuitive with a short learning curve. Once you get the hang of it this beauty will outperform and outmaneuver its opponents in war games. One of the main reasons for this is its narrow profile, which makes it a difficult target. The helicopter is very responsive to commands from the controller and is very stable in flight thanks to the gyro. With a little practice hovering is mastered as well.
As this helicopter is made of plastic, it can withstand lots of crashes without damage. In case of a serious crash, spare parts are readily available.

A nice feature of this model is that the vertical controller is not spring loaded. Therefore you will be able to make it hover and release the control pad from your hands and it still keeps on flying.

As far as flying time is concerned the specifications indicate a flying time of 6 to 8 minutes. However it will easily fly for about 15 minutes after which it will slowly descend at which time you will have to recharge the battery.

General Observations:

This is a good looking, life-like imitation of the real world Cobra used by Air Forces of various nations.
Its response in action is very good and it will outperform just about any toy helicopter in its class.

Flying times and battery life are approximately 50% better than indicated in the specifications. This is a general statement based on indoor flying conditions and experience.

The technology built into this machine is some of the most advanced in the world.

Support and spare parts are readily available at a reasonable price.

As you get more familiar and experienced with the hobby of toy helicopter flying and competing against other pilots in your home, you will want to obtain more models. This not only adds to your collection, but you will be able to fly continuously as you charge the ones not in use.

Enjoy flying and experimenting with this marvelous machine!